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Outreach and end-product activities

Activities with impact on the non-scientific community

Links with public-sector and industrial partners

  • Intevation Gmbh
  • Parque Natural da Ria Formosa
  • Sensoria
  • SAS Portugal
  • STCP
  • TAP - Transportes Aéreos Portugueses
  • WhiteBook Consulting

Software with wide distribution

  • Apoo: an Environment for a First Course in Assembly Language Programming, 1998-2004. Linux Debian and Ubuntu distributions
  • GPSMan: a graphical manager of GPS data, 1998-2007, Linux Debian and Ubuntu distributions and FreeBSD  Unix; part of the Free-GIS CD
  • Yap: state-of-the-art Prolog implementation with support for constraints, tabling, parallelism, external data-bases, and spatial data-bases. Available from Sourceforge

Systems for disabled people

  • wheelchair with intelligent control, under development
  • translator from texts with mathematical expressions in LaTeX into Braille, Portuguese variant, under development  in a joint project with Atractor

Science dissemination

  • collaboration with Atractor, an association for the diffusion of Mathematics, in the development of interactive modules
  • several seminars on AI and Intelligent Robotics given at high-schools

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