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Research projects


[in alphabetical order]

ABSES: Agent Based Simulation of Ecological Systems (FCT/POSC/EIA/57671/2004)

ACORD Adaptative Coordination of Robotic Teams (FCT/PTDC/EIA/70695/2006)

AGILMAT: Automatic Generation of Interactive Drills for Mathematics Learning (FCT/POSI/CHS/48565/2002)

Control Strategies: Control Strategies Characterization for Heterogeneous Multi-Agent Systems (4.1.3/CAPES/GRICES)

Electronic Institution: Electronic Institution including Electronic Contracting for Virtual Organizations (POSC/EIA/57672/2004)

FCP RESCUE: Coordination of Heterogeneous Teams in Search and Rescue Scenarios (FCT/POSC/EIA/63240/2004)

JEDI: Joint Environment for Deduction and Induction - and its application over spatial data  (PTDC/EIA/66924/2006) 

KCRYPT: Security Measures for Public-key Cryptosystems (FCT/POSC/EIA/60819/2004)

MYDDAS: A Deductive Database System Coupling YapTab and MySQL (FCT/POSC/EIA/59154/2004)

RESCUE: Reliable and Safe Code Execution for Embedded Systems (FCT/PTDC/EIA/65862/2006)





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