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Coordinating Board

  • Eugénio Oliveira, Coordinator
  • António Porto
  • Luís Paulo Reis
  • Ana Paula Rocha
  • Rosaldo Rossetti

Advisory Board

Scientific Council

  • all members holding a PhD

Research Groups

  • Computer Science Group, coordinator António Porto
  • Distributed Artificial Intelligence Group, coordinator Eugénio Oliveira
  • Human-Machine Intelligent Cooperation Group, coordinator Luis Paulo Reis


Roles of the management bodies

 The management of LIACC is done according to the existing Portuguese rules on research units, through a Coordinating Board, a Scientific Council and an external Advisory Board. The Coordinating Board is composed by three senior researchers, one of which is the LIACC Coordinator, and three researchers usually elected among the heads of the research groups. The Scientific Council, responsible for the approval of annual reports and plans, is composed by all the researchers holding a PhD. LIACC activities are periodically reviewed by an Advisory Board whose members are invited among internationally recognized outstanding experts.

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