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Research groups

DAIAS: Distributed Artificial Intelligence & Intelligent Simulation
The DAIAS - Distributed Artificial Intelligence & Intelligent Simulation (previously: Distributed Artificial Intelligence and Robotics - NIAD&R) research group involves about 40 people (10 PhD researchers, 15 PhD students and 15 others). DAIAS is mostly devoted to the research in Distributed Artificial Intelligence and Agent-based Systems. More precisely, both the theoretical and practical aspects of Autonomous Agents as well as Multi-Agent Systems have been the broad areas of interest for our research. Our main motivation relies on improving models for agent-based systems interoperability coordination and applications; The group is coordinated by Eugénio Oliveira.
HMIC: Human-Machine Intelligent Cooperation
The Human-Machine Intelligent Cooperation Group (HMIC) is primarily concerned with the human factors of computing and machinery systems. HMIC focusses on creating methodologies that enable machines and software systems to think and interact like humans and have social capabilities similar to humans enabling them to be members of heterogeneous human/machine teams. The group main research topics are: Human-Machine Intelligent Interaction; Team Coordination; Human/Machine joint Problem Solving; Health information systems; Multi-Agent Systems; Serious and Educational Games; Intelligent and Social Simulation.
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