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DAIAS: Distributed Artificial Intelligence & Intelligent Simulation

The DAIAS - Distributed Artificial Intelligence & Intelligent Simulation (previously: Distributed Artificial Intelligence and Robotics - NIAD&R) research group involves about 40 people (10 PhD researchers, 15 PhD students and 15 others). DAIAS is mostly devoted to the research in Distributed Artificial Intelligence and Agent-based Systems. More precisely, both the theoretical and practical aspects of Autonomous Agents as well as Multi-Agent Systems have been the broad areas of interest for our research. Our main motivation relies on improving models for agent-based systems interoperability coordination and applications; The group is coordinated by Eugénio Oliveira.

To complement the summary below, elsewhere is found more detailed info including publications

PhD Researchers

Eugénio Oliveira, Ana Paula Rocha, Andreia Malucelli, Francisco Restivo, Luís Paulo Reis, Luís Nunes, Rosaldo Rossetti [More Info]

PhD Students

André Restivo, António Pereira, António Castro, Célia Talma Martins, Daniel Silva, David Pereira, Francisco Reinaldo, Henrique Cardoso, Henrique Silva, Joana Urbano, Joaquim Silva, João Barbosa, João Mendes, Luis Sarmento, Luis Mota, Pedro Abreu, Pedro Valente, Pedro Faria, Rodrigo Braga, Vasco Vinhas Moreira. [More Info]


  • Electronic Institution for agent-based B2B operations

Research in the context of this issue aims at developing an Electronic Institution for safe and trustable agent-based business operations. This objective includes the development of appropriate models for B2B Negotiation and Monitoring processes as well as to provide platforms, tools and frameworks enabling Agents’ interoperability in the context of Virtual Enterprises Life Cycle. [More Info]

  • Agents’ Adaptation, Learning and Emotions

Agents’ intelligent processes mostly rely on learning capabilities and sophisticated architectures. Through this research line we aim at studying both agent and multi-agent learning on one hand, and emotion-like features driven architectures, on the other hand. [More Info]

  • Multi-Agent teams’ Coordination and Simulation

Coordinating teams of autonomous (or semi-autonomous) agents that perform in rich, dynamic, both cooperative and adversarial environments is a major aim of this work line. For this objective, we are exploring several research directions that can be seen as complementary: new coordination protocols; methodologies for analyzing team behavior; implementation of agent-based common framework suitable for controlling teams of cooperative robots for robosoccer; design of realistic multi-agent simulators (Coastal Ecosystems Simulator); generalizating these methods to other domains. [More Info]

  • Multi-agent Systems applications and Intelligent Text Mining

Two years ago we have started a new line of research related to Natural Language processing and Text Mining. This work includes a partnership with the Linguateca Project. Moreover we also aim at applying agent and multi-agent architectures, negotiation protocols and learning algorithms to specific application domains. [More Info]

Ongoing projects

  • ABSES - Agent Based Simulation of Ecological Systems
  • ACORD – Adaptative Coordination of Robotic Teams
  • Control Strategies Characterization for Heterogeneous Multi-Agent Systems
  • Electronic Institution including Electronic Contracting for Virtual Organizations
  • FCP RESCUE: Coordination of Heterogeneous Teams in Search and Rescue Scenarios

[More Info]

Recent Awards


  •   Best Paper Award at COMIC 2007: 
Vasco Vinhas - "Real Time and Complete Assembly Lot Traceability Algorithm"
Rodrigo Braga - "A Simple Application of Multi-Agents System for Simulating AGV Management in Flexible Manufacturing Systems"
  • Winner of EuroRoboCup 2007 - Simulation 3D, Hannover, Germany – RoboCup Federation (winner of German Open 2007 (in simulation 3D) with the team FC Portugal)
  • Second place at the EuroRoboCup 2007 - Simulation 2D, Hannover, Germany - RoboCup Federation (2nd place at German Open 2007 (in simulation 2D) with the team FC Portugal)
  • Second place at the Physical Visualization League in RoboCup 2007, Atlanta, EUA – RoboCup Federation (in July 2007, at the RoboCup 2007, won the soccer competition and the second place overall in the Physical Visualization League (with the EcoBes Micro-Robots of Citizen) with the team FC Portugal.

     [Other Awards]

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